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The Graduate & Professional Honor System’s mission is to facilitate every student’s commitment to “academic honesty, personal integrity, and responsible citizenship” consistent with the UNC-Chapel Hill Honor System philosophy. The UNC-Chapel Hill Honor System is a unique self-governing body led and administered by students, in consultation with faculty and staff, which aims to hold their peers to a high standard of conduct, honor, and integrity. The Honor System has both an educational and an administrative responsibility to foster honor and integrity while administering the Honor Code by addressing alleged violations. The Pharmacy Honor System strives to comply with these ideals and protect the interests of the students, faculty, and staff and the integrity of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. In collaboration with the faculty, staff, and students of the School, the Graduate & Professional Honor System seeks to promote a community in which all students may learn and conduct themselves with honor and integrity.

“These goals can only be achieved in a setting in which intellectual honesty and personal integrity are highly valued; other individuals are trusted, respected, and fairly treated; and the responsibility for articulating and maintaining high standards is widely shared.”

— An excerpt from the preamble of the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance