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Tutoring services are available to first and second year Pharm.D. students through the Office of Student Affairs and the Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society. Tutoring is free of cost to first and second year Pharm.D. students.  

It is highly recommended that students seek help first from their course TA and Course Director if they have a grade lower than a B in any class. Contact information for the course TA and course director can be found in the course syllabus. If academic assistance is still needed, we encourage you to request a tutor. 

ProcessforRequestingaRho Chi Tutor: 

  1. The student applies for tutoring using the online request form. 
  2. The student is assigned a tutor. 
  3. The tutor is notified of the student assignment and contacts the student to schedule a tutoring appointment at a date/time/location convenient to both. 
  4. The tutor and student hold the tutoring session. 
  5. The tutor completes and submits the tutor report to OSA.