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The Peer Mentoring Program within the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy promotes the successful transition of new students to the PharmD experience. Peer Mentors are paired with new PharmD students to add an additional layer of support and advocacy throughout the first year of study. Peer Mentors provide guidance on all things related to the doctor of pharmacy program while also serving as a consistent point of contact for questions and referral.

Peer Mentoring Goals:

• To facilitate a successful, holistic transition (academic, personal, cultural) into the PharmD experience
• To expose new PY1 students to model behaviors, dispositions, characteristics, and competencies of successful PharmD students
• To increase the sense of belonging and satisfaction among PY1 students
• To foster and grow a productive community of colleagues and scholars among PY1 students
• To empower new PY1 students to become responsible, intentional self-advocates and decision-makers regarding their PharmD experience
• To provide peer-based resources and advocacy for new/transitioning PY1 students

Program Highlights

• Access to a seasoned PharmD student to help with transitioning and orienting to the program
• At least one face-to-face mentoring meeting each semester
• At least one group-mentoring social event during the first year
• Consistent information sharing from peer mentor regarding involvement opportunities, class-related suggestions, and other quality-of-life topics
• A single source of peer contact to ask questions or seek clarifications