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The University’s Policy on Prohibited Harassment and Discrimination, “is about providing a safe and equitable campus community. The following behaviors are prohibited: discrimination and harassment based on any protected status, sexual assault or sexual violence, sexual exploitation, interpersonal (relationship) violence, stalking, complicity for knowingly aiding in acts of prohibited conduct, and retaliation. The Policy covers a broad range of conduct because any of these behaviors can impact the ability of campus community members to live, learn and work successfully and comfortably.”

Students who want additional information regarding the policy, to make a report, request accommodations, and/or learn more about the University’s process for investigating allegations of discrimination or harassment should contact the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office (EOC) for assistance.

Any administrator or supervisor, including a department chair, associate dean or other administrator or staff, who receives a student’s complaint about prohibited harassment or discrimination must notify the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office within five (5) calendar days of receiving the complaint. If a student raises a claim of prohibited harassment or discrimination during an academic appeal, an investigation of the student’s claim must be performed under the direction of the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office. The school or department must await the results of the harassment or discrimination investigation before deciding the student’s academic appeal.