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The following internship policy applies to students who entered the program during the 2022 – 2023 school year (Class of 2026) or later.

This policy provides guidance for students requesting specific months off during the summer of their PY4 year to complete an internship. 

  • Current third-year MBA dual degree students interested in completing an internship during the summer months of their Advanced Immersion year should indicate this interest on the Advanced Immersion Preference survey for their assigned region during fall of their PY3 year according to the survey’s deadline.  
    • No late requests or tangential communication will be considered.  
    • OEP will not reach out to students that do not indicate interest. 
    • Only internship requests from MBA dual degree students will be considered. 
  • Student requirements that will be gathered via survey: 
    • Students will verify that they part of the MBA dual-degree program with Kenan-Flagler that supports the overall internship process, noting an internship during the PY4 year is not a curricular requirement for that program.  
    • Students must provide proof of application to internships at the time of requesting specific Advanced Immersion off-months. 
    • Students must provide documentation of acceptance to an internship no later than February 15th 
  • Students expressing interest in completing an internship during the 4th year will be contacted by a member of OEP to complete a brief application/attestation to provide additional clarity around their request and information for consideration by the region director (see appendix 3). 
  • Completed forms will be shared with region directors for review and approval of the requested off-months. Region directors are not required to approve the requested off months and will make this decision based on preceptor availability and region capacity. A final decision will be shared with OEP, and the student will be notified by the first week of December. The signed attestation will be stored in Rx Preceptor.