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The placement of student pharmacists for experiential training requires care and planning. The School asks that you carefully consider the demands of this program component. Assignment to geographical regions of the state and selection of sites for Immersion and Advanced Immersion experiences are made at the sole discretion of the School of Pharmacy, and students are not guaranteed a site or region in the Triangle area (Chapel Hill campus) or in the Asheville area (Asheville campus).

Student pharmacists may apply for a regional exemption. Regional exemption is for placement in a given region of the state, not specific experience sites within that region. Exemptions will be considered only on the basis of the below conditions (appropriate documentation is required):

  1. Student pharmacist is a parent with a child or children living at home (child must be under the age of 18 years up to and including the first day of the experience)
  2. Student pharmacist is a legal guardian
  3. Student pharmacist or student’s spouse is pregnant
  4. Student pharmacist is sole care provider for another individual
  5. Student pharmacist has a chronic, serious medical condition requiring biweekly (14 days or less) medical care with the same physician
  6. Student has been accepted to and enrolled in the PharmD/MBA or PharmD/MPH program.


The School will make the final decisions regarding all exemption requests.