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Grades for each Immersion or Advanced Immersion Experience will be assigned in accordance with the grading policies outlined in each course syllabus. A student receiving a grade of failure will be required to repeat the entire experience at a site determined by the Office of Experiential Programs. This will likely delay the student’s graduation. The failing grade is calculated in the cumulative grade point average and is not removed from the student’s transcript once repeated. Midpoint and final evaluations are accessible via CORE ELMS, and it is the student’s responsibility to review these evaluations. 

Consistent with the course syllabi, the grade assigned for each experience is based on course outcomes as assessed by the preceptor’s completed final evaluation, achieving a minimum level of competence in professionalism and core competencies and successful completion of all assignments and assessments on time. The midpoint evaluation for each experience is a standardized opportunity to assess progress toward achieving established expectations for each practice experience. Students are required to have a midpoint and final evaluation for each experience. Students should proactively contact their preceptors to schedule the midpoint and final evaluation discussions. For full details of the grading policies for each practice experience, please refer to the course syllabus.