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In the event of an exposure event, immediate action is required as outlined at In brief, the following steps should be taken promptly: 

  1. Immediately clean the affected area. 
  2. Immediately notify the preceptor or preceptor designee. 
  3. The preceptor or preceptor designee obtains source patient information before the source patient leaves the care site. The preceptor or preceptor designee coordinates lab testing for the source patient per the site’s protocol as soon as possible. 
  4. If the site is connected to an occupational health team for its employee bloodborne pathogen exposure protocol, the student should begin the site’s protocol.  
  5. Call Campus Health at 919-966-6573, even if the exposure occurred at a clinical site outside of Chapel Hill, to report the incident.  You will be connected to medical personnel that can help make clinical recommendations regarding the blood-borne pathogen exposure. If Campus Health is closed, you will be connected to an automated message which will then transfer you to a Care Connect nurse. The Care Connect nurse will contact the Campus Health physician on call for you. 
  6. The preceptor or student pharmacist should submit an Eshelman Care Team referral as soon as possible ( 
  7. The student will be responsible (via health insurance) for costs associated with necessary lab work and medications as appropriate.