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Regular attendance is a student’s obligation and expectation. Students are also expected to participate fully in all scheduled activities at their assigned practice site for Immersion or Advanced Immersion Experiences. Students are reminded to consult the First Day of Class policy in the Student Handbook. Students are expected to arrive on time and remain in class or at their assigned practice site until all required activities have been completed and their course instructor or preceptor dismisses them. 


Examples of Excused Absences 

At the discretion of the primary preceptor, absences from immersion experiences may be either approved or unapproved. Examples of approved absences are as follows: 

  • Medical Necessity (including routine medical appointments, preventive medical needs, etc.) 
  • Authorized University activities or participation in a pre-approved professional activity 
  • Death of an immediate family member or friend 
  • Religious activity 
  • Other extenuating circumstances 

All students will be treated fairly and equitably, regardless of the reason for the absence. 


Absence Notification 

Students are expected to notify their primary preceptor of record (Immersion or Advanced Immersion Experiences) as soon as possible, no later than first thing the morning of the absence.
Absences for Pre-Approved Professional Activities: Students must notify their course director or primary preceptor of record at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the class or immersion experience for any planned absence. 


Make-Up Policy during Immersion or Advanced Immersion Experiences: 

Students may have a maximum of 2 days of approved absences (absences approved by the primary preceptor of record) per calendar month from the practice site. These approved absences do not have to be made up, unless the preceptor determines the learning outcomes of the experience cannot be met without the make-up days. Any approved absences in excess of 2 days per calendar month must be made up in coordination with the primary preceptor of record. Any unapproved absence during the course of an experience will result in a grade of failure. 

If a  preceptor is concerned that a student has missed more than advisable, the preceptor may report the concerns to the Office of Experiential Programs. 


Attendance and Participation: 

Students completing an Advanced Immersion experience may request to have a maximum of 5 excused absence(s) for the purpose of interviews, professional conference attendance, etc. at the discretion of the preceptor following the School’s Attendance Policy (above). Work or make-up hours should be assigned to make up for any days missed beyond 2 days. The primary preceptor of record will approve any day(s) off at their discretion and determine what work or hours will need to be completed. 


Students are expected to attend and participate fully in all scheduled activities at the practice site. Students are expected to arrive on time and remain at the site until all required activities have been completed or their preceptor dismisses them. It is expected that students will come to the site with an open mind and be respectful of all pharmacy staff and members of the patient care team.