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Advanced Immersion Experience assignments are made considering student preference and preceptor/site availability. Final assignments are made at the discretion of the Region Director(s) in conjunction with the Office of Experiential Programs. Availability is submitted directly by the site to the Office of Experiential Programs, and may consider, among other factors, a maximum number of learners, including residents. Final assignments are designed to first provide high-quality learning experiences, as well as achieve program outcomes and ACPE standards. This may result in experiences assigned outside of a student’s preference.

  • Each student is permitted to submit ONE Advanced Immersion Experience change request for an assignment he or she would prefer to change. This limit is in effect across all regions and for the entire academic year running May through April. Additional changes will not be considered, and students should refrain from bringing these forward.
  • International, out-of state, and school-scheduled experiences are typically not eligible to be changed via student request however, will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Beginning on April 1st, students may request a change to an Advanced Immersion Experience scheduled between July 1 through April 30. Any change request must be submitted at least 3 months prior to the start of the Advanced Immersion Experience subject to the change request.
  • The experience change cannot result in the need to move more than two months of scheduled experiences.
  • To submit a change request, students must complete the Change Request Form. Emails are not an acceptable form for submitting a change request and will not be considered.
  • All official change requests must be made via the Change Request Form directly to the Office of Experiential Programs. An initial change request should never be made directly to a Region Director(s) or preceptor, and any change request circumventing the official process will not be considered.
  • All change requests are subject to review by the Office of Experiential Programs. Submitting a request does not guarantee it will be approved.
  • Once a student-initiated change has been finalized and completed, it may not be changed back.

The School and/or region reserves the right to implement changes to the student schedule without consulting the affected student. These changes are made only when necessary, and when possible the School and/or region will make efforts to seek the input of the affected student. Any school- or region-initiated change will NOT count towards the one allowable student change request.