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Annually, the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy Foundation appropriates funding to support student travel to regional and national professional meetings. Attendance at these meetings provides opportunities for personal, career, and professional development of PharmD students. The Office of Student Affairs administers PharmD student travel stipends by utilizing a framework, which includes an application, tier-based approach that aims to: 

  • Help PharmD students thoughtfully and proactively plan professional travel, directly related to their PharmD curriculum.  
  • Provide clarity and accountability for how student travel stipends are awarded. 
  • Provide enhanced funding opportunities for students engaged at a national level. 
  • Help the School become efficient stewards of Foundation-sponsored funding. 


Students may receive 1 travel stipend per academic year. 

  • The funding year runs July 1 through June 30. 
  • Applications must be submitted at least 30 business days before the planned travel. 
  • Travel reimbursement requests and all required documentation must be submitted within 10 days of completion of the conference. 
  • PharmD students may apply and receive a professional travel stipend once every academic calendar year. 


Tier 1 Funding 

Students may apply for tier 1 funding (enhanced travel priority @ $400). Tier 1 funding approval will require official documentation of the national level engagement. Tier 1 funding is considered for: 

  • Students who represent the School as a competition winner at a national conference. 
  • Students who represent the School as a live session presenter at a national conference (peer-reviewed abstract). 
  • Students who represent the School as an elected office to a national leadership position. 
  • Note: poster session participation is a tier 2 funding activity. 


Tier 2 Funding 

Students will be allowed to apply for tier 2 funding (general travel priority @ $200). If student applications outpace available funding, then priority will be determined by: 

  • Students with a poster presentation at a national conference. 
  • Students appointed to a national committee. 
  • PY class standing. 
  • Students serving as an elected or appointed leader in an Eshelman School of Pharmacy recognized student organization. 
  • Students serving as a committee member within an Eshelman School of Pharmacy recognized student organization. 

To apply for a travel stipend, please complete this form