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The School has identified 4 distinct pathways that capture guiding areas within the co-curriculum directly complementing the academic curriculum. Each pathway is highlighted by key dimensions that add breadth and depth to the pathway. Students are given the opportunity to create and customize their experiences (commitments) based on personal interest and need but it is expected that each doctor of pharmacy student will travel down each pathway in a personally tailored way.


  1. Professional Pathway: This pathway focuses on investment in oneself. Through this pathway, students are expected to grow an awareness of self; develop knowledge/skills to maintain well-being and healthy perspectives; hone holistic leadership capabilities; engage with other health professions students in meaningful ways; and connect with national professional organizations that match their career and professional interests.
    1. Self-awareness
    2. Leadership development
    3. Wellness
    4. Inter-professional engagement
    5. National/professional organizations
  2. Horizon Pathway. This pathway focuses on learning more about others – particularly those who are not like you or who may view the world we live in through a different lens. Students are expected to develop a global mindset towards pharmacy practice, grow cross-cultural awareness/responsiveness related to the profession, invest in service of underserved/rural populations, and embrace inclusive mindsets regarding those with whom we work and serve.
    1. Global engagement/perspectives
    2. Cultural responsiveness
    3. Rural/underserved populations
    4. Inclusive mindsets
  3. Patient Pathway: This pathway focuses on the ultimate goal of the PharmD experience – the patient. Students are expected to engage with any number of patient populations through creative advocacy, service, outreach or education. This spans the areas of direct patient care, drug development, industry, managed care, among other areas of practice.
    1. Advocacy
    2. Service
    3. Outreach
    4. Education
  4. Career Pathway: This pathway is focused on the intersection of the student pharmacist and the future. Personal interests, abilities, and values form the cornerstone of a productive, satisfying career. Students are expected to grow their knowledge of self, grow an understanding of the full breadth and depth of personalized career matches, develop skills/abilities/dispositions that will situate them for career success, and develop a transition plan from study to practice.
    1. Knowledge of self
    2. Exploration
    3. Development
    4. Transition planning