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The PharmD curriculum is engaging, relevant, and contemporary. Students learn in the context of mentored direct patient care beginning immediately after year one and continue to be immersed in pharmacy practice for up to fifteen months. Students also dedicate time to developing skills necessary for inquiry, problem solving, and innovation.

Year One: Foundations of Pharmacy

  • Introduces students to the foundational pharmaceutical sciences, which are the building blocks of pharmacy
  • Gives students the solid foundation they’ll need to start working with patients and health-care professionals

Years Two and Three: Immersion in Patient Care and Engagement in Inquiry and Innovation

  • Early experiences in the real-world practice of pharmacy followed by reflection and discussion
  • Hands-on pharmacy innovation and problem solving
  • Small-group and large-classroom experiences to further learning, professional development, and career-path exploration
  • Immersion begins the summer after the first year

Year Four: Advanced and Elective Pharmacy Practice Experiences

  • Numerous advanced patient-care and elective rotations

Opportunities for students to hone their approach to pharmacy practice and to define their career path