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Research and Scholarship in Pharmacy is a pathway within the elective curriculum that is built around a mentored, in-depth, scholarly project where a student

will: (1) frame an answerable question with a faculty member; (2) generate and interpret relevant data; and (3) communicate their findings in an oral and written forum. This experience could include hypothesis-driven research (e.g., preclinical, translational, clinical, epidemiologic, health services, educational) or non- hypothesis-driven research (e.g., method development and validation, quality improvement).

Students that enter this pathway will register for Research and Scholarship in Pharmacy in the PY2 spring, PY3 fall, and PY3 spring semesters (for a total of six elective credit hours). These three (3) courses and six (6) credit hours will count towards fulfillment of their elective requirements. Students in this pathway are required to take a minimum of 2 additional credit hours of electives to fulfill their elective requirements. These two credit hours must be fulfilled by a School of Pharmacy or Health Affairs elective. Students working in the laboratory/research program of a faculty member cannot be paid for any work completed as part of the requirements for the Research and Scholarship in Pharmacy pathway.