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Students should consult the course syllabus to read about the missed assessment policy. The following policy will be followed in the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy in the absence of a defined missed assessment policy in an individual course syllabus. 

Students are expected to be present for all course assessments unless arrangements are made with the course director prior to administration of the assessment. Make-up assessments are not permitted for unexcused absences. Students who fail to attend an assessment will be given a grade of zero for the assessment. Only students providing medical documentation stating they were sick or injured on the day of the assessment or providing proof of a death in the immediate family will be exempt from this rule. 

In this case, the grade of the missed assessment will be made up by one of the following options at the discretion of the course director: 

  1. Increasing the percentage of the remaining assessments to cover the missed assessment. 
  2. A make-up assessment (not the original assessment). 

If the final assessment is cumulative, the section relating to the missed assessment material can be used as the grade for that missed assessment.