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Full engagement within both the didactic and experiential components of the doctor of pharmacy curriculum is integral to the academic success of PharmD students. The invaluable education and training provided in each setting prepare doctor of pharmacy students for sustainable success as both a student and practitioner. It is expected that all students will be physically present on campus or at immersion sites for the first day of class as well as the first day of immersion. Additionally, given the fact that the doctor of pharmacy program does not follow the traditional UNC academic calendar, this expectation is all the more important given the unique structure and interactions of both didactic coursework and immersion experiences. Students are expected to carefully review the annual academic calendar and plan their break engagements accordingly (e.g., summer, fall, winter, spring). Conflicts, including internships that are external to the UNC program, should be avoided. With instances of conflict, students are encouraged to proactively work with their internship director to arrange a flexible internship schedule which allows the student to be present for the first day of class or immersion. Exceptions to this standard will only be entertained in rare circumstances of personal hardship and can be made directly to the Director of the Office of Student Affairs.