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The student must first attempt to resolve any disagreement with the course director. If the student fails to reach a satisfactory resolution, the student may appeal the grade in accordance with the following Policy on Final Grade Appeal: 

  • The student must submit the appeal in writing along with a description of the results of the communication with the course director, any relevant test papers/term papers/graded materials to the Chair of the Scholastic Achievement and Progressions Committee. The information that the student presents to the Committee will be shared with the involved course coordinator who will be given an opportunity to respond to the student’s appeal. The student’s appeal should be made as soon as possible but must be made within 5 business days after the official end of semester grades are reported for the course in question (grades are due 3 days after the final exam). The appeal may be delivered to the School’s Registrar and Curriculum Manager in the Office of Student Affairs to present to the Scholastic Achievement and Progression Committee.