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  1. Students must demonstrate acceptable knowledge and/or skills in all courses and practice experiences in the doctor of pharmacy curriculum.  Acceptable knowledge and/or skills are determined through evaluation of student performance that reflects objectives or competencies defined for each course within the context of competencies defined for the PharmD curriculum. Acceptable knowledge and/or skills in all courses administered by the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy are denoted by any of the grades AB, or C; High Pass, Pass, or Low Pass.
  2. Students who do not demonstrate acceptable knowledge and/or skills will be given the grade F. A student who receives a F grade in a required course must remedy that grade, which must include the demonstration of acquisition of acceptable knowledge and/or skill for that course. The student may not enroll in subsequent courses for which the “failed” course serves as a prerequisite until the student has passed the prerequisite course. A student who again receives a F grade upon repeating a course, or who receives F grades in two or more required courses is subject to dismissal from the PharmD curriculum. The Scholastic Achievement and Progression Committee will determine whether such a student will be allowed to continue in the PharmD curriculum, and, if allowed to continue, specify conditions for continuation.
  3. The temporary grades of IN (incomplete) and AB (absent from the final examination) can be used consistent with the guidelines within the Undergraduate Bulletin or the Graduate School Handbook.
  4. Students admitted to the PharmD curriculum must complete the curriculum within five academic years from entry into the Program (including any leaves of absenses), subject to review of individual circumstances by the Scholastic Achievement and Progression Committee.